Monconsult LLC is consulting firm, work-ing together other firms, non-government organizations and local consultants to provide technical assistance in the conduct of projects in developing countries. The focus is on development and improving the general welfare of people living in emerging, transitional and developing countries. The approach is through “partnership” in recognition that the participation of the most appropriate teams on projects will achieve the best sustainable results for beneficiaries.

The Experience

Our Consultant team is familiar with international tendering procedures and the preparation and evaluation of relevant documentation. We recognize the value of real experience and so retain and constantly hire consultants with a genuine depth of expertise sectors where they operate.
Our Consultant team is committed to continuous improvement through the attainment of quality standards. We are organized to ensure our clients benefit fully from our commitment to excellence.

The Approach

Our Consultants are driven by client-focused tradition. As a result, we are able to provide practical, cost effective service to clients. We strongly value the following approaches:

  • Building on experience and what already exists
  • Consultation and Participation
  •  Learning by doing
  • Communicate in ways that are informative, inclusive, appropriate, transpar-ent and non-judgmental
  • Encourage and assist all staff to continually develop their knowledge, skills, and expertise

Our mission is to represent the best local technical and project capabilities and to demonstrate the potential for Mongolian specialists. Monconsult is committed to an integrated approach to any development activities. We aim to expand our activities to consolidate our position.


Our corporate philosophy is to better contribute to development process through the facilitation, participation of all stakeholders ensuring synergies between different aspects of development. Monconsult has created successful project cooperation, both as
lead firm and as sub-consultant, with the Government Ministries, donor communities, universities, research organizations and private sector companies.

We are committed to bringing the most advanced expertise available in Mongoliain project management and technical assistance. Our propose is to help the Government and communities in accomplishing their development tasks in a sustainable way. Monconsult has established strategic partnerships with leading international consulting firms and universities to bring together the best available expertise and experience to particular project.
Our mission is to be a source of valuable solution for clients, communities in Mongolia and other developing countries. We insist on growth of our operations and create opportunities for people who are delighted and committed to help the society in addressing economic, social and environmental challenges.
The company believes that our mission will fully be accomplished by means of the consolidation of our capabilities and sustaining the current reputation and confidence with clients. We are accountable for our products, business and daily activities with proper conducts and ethical principles. Monconsult is fully committed to constantly improve well being and protect interests of our staff and associated consultants.

We trust in good faith of our staff, clients, partners and society as whole for the future prosperity.

J. Byambadorj

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