ADB: Detailed Engineering Design, Construction Supervision and Feasibility Study Tranche 2: Ulaanbaatar Urban Services and Ger Areas Development Investment Program
ADB: Detailed Engineering Design, Construction Supervision and Feasibility Study Tranche 2: Ulaanbaatar Urban Services and Ger Areas Development Investment Program

Client: Municipality of Ulaanbaatar/ADB

Project Date: June, 2015

Brief Narrative Description of the Project: The Ulaanbaatar Urban Services and Ger Areas Development Investment Program will support the Ulaanbaatar City master plan in upgrading priority service and economic hubs (sub-centers) in ger areas. The investment program will be implemented over 9 years and will comprise three tranches. Combining spatial and sector approaches, it proposes an integrated solution to respond to the growing demand for basic urban services and develop sub-centers as catalyst for growth in the ger areas. The program involves financing core urban infrastructure and basic services in priority road sections, investments in socioeconomic facilities based on communities’ needs, and the improvement of service providers’ operation management. The program will also support (i) community participation, awareness, and empowerment; (ii) urban planning and sub-center development; (iii) extensive on-the-job training in project management and implementation; and (iv) sector reform initiatives necessary to support the program road map and policy framework

Description of Actual Services provided by the firm: 

The Consultant will assist the PMO in all phases of the implementation of all sub projects included in Tranche 1. In particular, Consultant will (i) carry out preliminary and detailed design and tender documents, (ii) provide necessary inputs in all phases of the tendering process for the procurement of contractors, and (iii) provide assistance and supervision during the construction, commissioning and during the defect and liability period of all subprojects included under Tranche 1. In the tendering process, the Consultant will closely coordinate with the Program Management Support Consultant. The Consultant During the second year of assignment the consulting Engineer will also carry out a Feasibility Study for the implementation of Tranche 2 to be approved in 2016.

The scope of work is divided into the following main tasks:
Task 1: Review and update Feasibility Study and Basic Design in accordance with the current conditions surrounding Project 1 Carry out all surveys, field investigations/verifications, studies, collection of data, and analyses needed to prepare the preliminary/detailed engineering designs and contract documents for the above components, and for the turnkey procurement for the water and wastewater operation improvement project.  

Review and update the Feasibility Study (FS) and Basic Design provided by the PMO, and identify shortcomings or missing information in the FS and Basic Design. The Consultant is responsible for reporting these findings to the PMO and proposing alternative options, with the cost effective analyses. Review and update the FS and Basic Design shall be conducted in accordance with the current conditions surrounding Project 1.

Based on the findings, the Consultant will prepare major design criteria to be used for preliminary/detailed design and agreed with the PMO. These design criteria include technical design criteria, design criteria for materials to be used in the project, and criteria for financial planning. These should be based on updated and agreed assumptions for the population growth and physical transformation planned for the sub-centers over the design life of the planned infrastructure. These criteria also shall be prepared with reference to the standards and guidelines of the GOM. Present the findings as well as the design criteria, and include these in the Inception Report of the Consultant. 
The Consultant should assess the required standards and reports them as part of the design criteria, and the PMO can consider to have their technical expert participated in reviewing the Consultant’s Inception Report. 

Task 2: Carry out technical surveys for preparation of engineering design
Carry out technical surveys and investigations as necessary to ensure the proper design of the works. These include but not necessary be limited to:

  • Topographical surveys and preparing suitable base mapping
  • Mapping of the location of all existing services
  • Geotechnical surveys as required

Task 3: Prepare preliminary/detailed design and cost estimates and bidding documents

In undertaking this section of tasks, the Consultant should pay attention to the preparatory work undertaken during the FS. The Consultant should note that no sites were formally designated for major facilities, and depending on what the MUB has made in this regard since the third quarter of 2013, there will be site selection, and possible land acquisition for at least the Social and Economic Facilities, water reservoirs, heating facilities, and possibly others. The design works of these facilities will have to be done in conjunction with the development of functional programs and design criteria, and definitely with resettlement considerations. Some resettlement should be assumed and be factored into the program schedule. 

Number of Person-Months: 450

Approximate value of services provided by the firm (in US$): 1.5 million


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