ADB: Mongolia Road Sector Capacity Development
ADB: Mongolia Road Sector Capacity Development

Client: Ministry of Roads and Transport/ADB/Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction

Project Date: Oct, 2011

Brief Narrative Description of the Project: 

After the award of the Oyu Tolgoi copper-gold mining concession in 2009, there are prospects for Mongolias gross domestic product to triple within 10 years. To proceed on this high-growth track, Mongolia will need massive infrastructure investments. According to Mongolias National Development Strategy, the road sector is expected to implement a large program of road sector investments in a short time, and then to efficiently manage the new road assets. To assist Mongolia in scaling-up the size and quality of its road network, and in support to its investment projects, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) prepared a sector capacity assessment study in 2010. At government request, ADB approved a small-scale technical assistance to support the government and sector stakeholders to prepare, in a participatory manner, a National Road Sector Capacity Development Roadmap (the Roadmap).

The government has asked ADB for capacity development technical assistance (CDTA) to assist in the initial implementation of the Roadmap's main capacity development activities and planned reforms. This report is based on the understandings reached with the Government of Mongolia and the mission's observations in the field during the CDTA fact-finding mission fielded in October 2010. The Government of Japan indicated its agreement to finance the CDTA in February 2011. It reflects agreements reached on the impact, outcome, outputs, implementation arrangements, cost, financing arrangements, and terms of reference for consulting services for the CDTA. The design and monitoring framework is in Appendix 1.

Description of Actual Services provided by the firm: Output 1: Policy advice on road map implementation, including:
1.1    DOR and UB DOR medium-term institutional development
1.2 Road Fund restructuring and Road Board establishment
1.3 Periodic maintenance program
1.4 Urban road maintenance strategy
1.5 Road research and technology transfer development
Output 2: Capacity building on road map implementation
2.1    Sector institutional restructuring initiated
2.2    Road maintenance management practices enhanced
2.3 Civil works management practices enhanced
2.4 Transport planning practices enhanced
2.5 Sector education and technological development initiated

Number of Person-Months: 70

Approximate value of services provided by the firm (in US$): 367,124


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