ADB: National Land Information System
ADB: National Land Information System

Client: Ministry of Construction and Urban Development/Asian Development Bank

Project Date: April, 2007

Brief Narrative Description of the Project: 

The NLIS project vision is to make land related information readily available, for further development of land policy and planning. The National land Information System (NLIS) is a turnkey project and has been distributed over 4 LOTS as given below:

  • Organizational Development, Systems Analysis and Design: Understanding the function of the NLIS, development new procedures where appropriate, modeling the system and designing the necessary spatial and non-spatial databases.
  •  System Development and Implementation: System development and the implementation of the system design of Lot 1.
  • Procurement & Installation: Procurement the necessary computer hardware, software and networking and its installation in EA offices.
  • Training and Staff Development: Staff development and training in terms of both operational and software and technical administrative training.

Description of Actual Services provided by the firm: The company provided services for the development and implementation of the following activities: Project organization and Management plan, Procurement & Installation (Hardware, Network & Off-the-shelf Software) required at the ALAGC offices, Standard and Custom software delivery and installation plan, Customization of the Application Software and Preparation and Implementation of training plan

Number of Person-Months: 82

Approximate value of services provided by the firm (in US$): 2,100,000

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