ADB: Supporting Agriculture Value Chain
ADB: Supporting Agriculture Value Chain

Client: Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry/ADB

Project Date: March, 2017

Brief Narrative Description of the Project: 

The TA aims to:

  1. Improve the technical and marketing capacity of agro-enterprises and cooperatives of project target sub-sectors,  particularly PPEs and cooperatives who are sub-loan recipients from the project; 
  2. Improve the technical and marketing capacity of other agro-enterprises and cooperatives in the target sub-sectors selectively and the technical capacity of primary producers (e.g., herders and farmers) and processors who provide raw materials to those sub-sectors; 
  3. Establish a process for brand development and management that is sustainable and replicable by institution(s), charged with managing the process through a demonstration effect with enterprises in the sectors of high export potential, and involving other enterprises in the longer-term; and
  4. Facilitate the matchmaking between selected Mongolian enterprises and International brands, and establish brand partnership agreements between at least three Project participating enterprises and international brands.

Description of Actual Services provided by the firm: 

  1. Organize or assist organization of workshops, awareness training, project dissemination, information sharing, awareness raising, and potentially collaborative work to achieve synergies, where applicable;
  2. Help to establish market driven linkages between herder cooperatives, herder groups, farmers, brokers, primary processors, and marketers assisted by the Project through coordination and communication with relevant consultants, if the consultants assignment is related to supply chain;
  3. Regularly analyze and report progress of recipients to determine outputs, impacts, best practices, innovations, most significant stories and issues affecting project implementation and progress towards achievement of established targets and objectives utilizing indicators agreed in the Monitoring & Evaluation plan;
  4. Involve in recruitments of resource persons for trainings for relevant value chain stakeholders as part of the investments/activities and design trainings as needed, and provide technical backstopping to the resource persons, as needed;
  5. Document and share project work and accomplishment and maintain regular internal and external communication about project activities in responsible area;
  6. Provide inputs for the inception, quarterly progress, annual, and final reports, as well as other technical reports, as required; and

Number of Person-Months: 247

Approximate value of services provided by the firm (in US$): 1,500,000



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