ADB: Sustainable Forest Management to Improve the Livelihood of Local Communities
ADB: Sustainable Forest Management to Improve the Livelihood of Local Communities

Client: Ministry of Environment, Green Develpment and Tourism/ADB

Project Date: Oct, 2015

Brief Narrative Description of the Project: 

The  TA  impact  will  be  sustainable  livelihood  and  increased  resilience  of  forest ecosystems.  The  outcome  will  be  SFM  practices  developed  and  implemented  in  five northeastern rural soums (districts) selected in aimags (provinces) with high levels of coverage by boreal forests and functioning FUGs.

The TA is expected to improve local communities’ livelihood through SFM.  It will demonstrate implementation of sound approaches following internationally accepted standards in geographically and socially comparable environments. It will improve the capacity of forestry line  agencies  to  protect  and  develop  project  area  forests  through  joint  planning  and management with local stakeholders to reduce hazards to forests. It will directly involve about 2,300 people and prioritize inclusion of low-income households and women. It will strengthen FUGs established prior to the TA, technical and business management capacity, and employment opportunities. The TA will build the forestry sector’s capacity in adapting to climate change impacts by managing climate risks such as forest fires and improving value chains, leading to more resilience of ecosystems and improved and stable livelihood.

Description of Actual Services provided by the firm: Monconsult is in charge of national experts in the areas of (i) community forest management; (ii) social and gender (iii) wood processing and marketing and (iv) training and capacity building. In addition, 5 local community mobilizers have been engaged by the company.

Number of Person-Months: 180

Approximate value of services provided by the firm (in US$): 500,000

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