Blue Yak Festival 2018
Blue Yak Festival 2018

Under TA-8960 MON: "Supporting Agriculture Value Chain" Project, team members attended the Blue Yak Festival at Khatgal soum, Khuvsgul aimag in between 19th of July to 20th of July, 2018. During this festival, the seminar on Mongol Yak Wool multilateral cooperation and partnership was held by the project experts as well. 

We have launched development work of the ‘’Blue Yak Wool’’ product’s prototype that has been produced in the Ulaan Uul sum, Khuvsgul aimag with the cooperation of Jinst Murun LLC which is PPI. See below for the highlights of the mentioned activities:

The PPI Jinst Murun, Local authorities of Khuvsgul aimag, Veterinarian and Breeding department, Blue Yak breeders, active breeders’ association/cooperative in the region and many more representatives participated in the workshop meeting. The outcome of the meeting was that the cooperation improvement between mentioned parties was initiated.

The general geographical data of the Blue yak was compiled and from 300 blue yaks, 40 yaks were measured for the body size, and were registered. The wool was tested as well.

Unfortunately, there was some instance of raw material intermediaries (middleman) who were trying to devalue our effort. The current difficulties are future risk for the project implementation and outcome.

Despite the situation, demonstration training was successfully conducted and the outcome was that local herders gained knowledge of how to prepare blue yak wool for the collection. The collection process includes sorting by quality and packing into designated sacks. The Jinst Murun has rewarded the herders who successfully sorted wool by quality and color.

The outcome of our effort is local herders and herder’s cooperatives received a training of breeding blue yak, appropriate wool sorting and producing an explicit local product. The local trainees have shown their interest of advertising and continuing the training of the wool handling standard.

The solution for the wool collection and sales problems need to be addressed and we are anticipating engagement from the government, NGO, project and programs, herders and domestic manufacturers. 

The Mongol Yak festival is being organized in the Katgal sum, Khuvsgul aimag with the cooperation of the Yak breeders, breeders’ cooperative (selected suppliers), manufacturers (PPI), government organizations and NGO. At the festival we will have opportunity of advertising our effort and define points of concurrence of the common difficulties on Blue Yak wool production.  

Objective of the effort: To organize meeting with the yak breeder-herders, domestic manufacturers, donor organizations active on yak, government and NGO and defining difficulties related wool sales.

Workshop participants: 5 manufacturers of Jinst Murun LLC, Mongol Nekhmel LLC, Uguuj shim LLC, Byalag Ulzii LLC and Snow Field LLC; and their suppliers of cooperatives from the Ulaan Uul, Arbulag, Algana-erdene soum, Khuvsgul aimag. MoFALI, ASBMD Khuvsgul, MO of soums, veterinarian and breeding department, Donor organizations and NGOs-total of 45 participants.


  • The cooperation road map will be developed for the involved parties.
  • Defining the method of high end market value keeping for hand loomed and sorted wool.
  • Defining road map for the cooperation between PPI and suppliers.
  • Advertising work of the project to the public.

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