WB: Impact Assessment Survey for LIF/LDF, Sustainable Livelihood Project
WB: Impact Assessment Survey for LIF/LDF, Sustainable Livelihood Project

Client: The HLSPO/The World Bank

Project Date: July, 2007

Brief Narrative Description of the Project: The Government of Mongolia has approved the Household Livelihoods Capacity Support National Program /HLCSNP/ to prevent the non-poor households with low income from entering into poverty and to shift the poor households out of poverty, extending the economic and social services necessary for human development and capacity support. Under the HLCSNP, the Government of Mongolia is implementing the “Sustainable Livelihoods” Program (SLP) funded by World Bank (WB). The program development objective is: “target groups and individuals adopt improved livelihoods strategies that build and maintain human, social, financial, physical, and natural capital while reducing vulnerability to shocks.” The SLP will be implemented during 12 years in 3 phases, the build-up of which would be determined by the performance of program components and the pace of institutional reform and capacity building at all administrative levels.

Description of Actual Services provided by the firm: Overall, the Impact assessment is to contribute to an improved implementation of LIF/LDF that meets the project objectives and expectations of the target groups and to incorporate into the second phase the successful approaches and instruments tested under phase 1.

The specific objectives were to:

  • assess the level of community satisfaction by LIF/LDF activities implementation and the impact it    had on the HH livelihood in project areas,
  • assess improvements in the quality and access to basic social services as education, health, and infrastructure,
  • assess changes of community participation at grassroots level, sense of responsibility and initiatives in comparison with the project baseline data from 2003-2004.

Number of Person-Months: 8

Approximate value of services provided by the firm (in US$): 20,000

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